The warm sunshine brighten the country road in DingNian village at ChangHua.It is where GMORS started. We stick to top-quality seal manufacture for many years by utilizing our refined R&D techniques and innovative capabilities. We value joy of work and effective communication in the meeting while growing together with employees.  We are proud to bring a meticulous attention to every detail with our determined and unwavering aspirations. From the old factory to new sites, from the past to the future, we keep forging ahead.  GMORS, fulfill our dream of happiness.

Establecido en 1981, GMORS se especializa en producir los siguientes productos: Anillo C(AS 568, BS 4518, Métrico, SMS 1586, GB/T 3452.1, JIS B2401, JASO F404), anillo X , Anillo de reserve, Anillo cuadrado, Arandela, Embalaje, U-Embalaje, Ojal, Diafragma, Anillo en D, VA-Sello, Caucho-a-metal (componentes de goma metal-enlazados), sellos hidráulicos, componentes de goma médicos, componentes de la TPE y de TPU, piezas de goma para el sistema del agua sanitaria y potable, OEM y otros componentes de encargo del caucho del moldeado.